Foshan city Baojiali household Co., Ltd. is a factory focus on water bubble wall,waterfall wall,fish tank,granite water fountain,glowing aquarium furniture and acrylic furniture. We have a rich production experience and trade experience for more than 10 years.Our factory located in Shunde,Foshan City,Guangdong Province,China.We have showroom in our factory,welcome to visit our factory and showroom online in real time,we can arrange the schedule for you .

We have CE certificate for air pump, plug-in and adaptor,ROSH and REACH test report for acrylic material. We are Alibaba Gold Plus Supplier.We have our own trademark(BJL).

Continuously improving technology and manufacturing good quality products is our company's purpose.OEM and ODM are welcome.You can send me the size you need,we specially make that size for you,most of the country we can provide to door service.

We are looking for agents in various countries,looking forward to cooperating with you.

Welcome to contact us.

This supplier has been verified onsite by world-leading inspection company,
SGS Group
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Main Categories

LED water bubble wall
LED תצוגת קבינט
LED אקווריום דלפק
water bubble column
‏266.00 $ - ‏315.00 $/מ"ר
2 מטרים רבועים(Min. Order)
‏177.00 $ - ‏210.00 $/מ"ר
2 מטרים רבועים(Min. Order)
‏133.00 $ - ‏157.00 $/מ"ר
2 מטרים רבועים(Min. Order)
‏177.00 $ - ‏210.00 $/מ"ר
2 מטרים רבועים(Min. Order)
‏510.00 $ - ‏603.00 $/יחידה
1 יחידה(Min. Order)
‏314.00 $ - ‏340.00 $/יחידה
1 יחידה(Min. Order)
‏195.00 $ - ‏231.00 $/מ"ר
2 מטרים רבועים(Min. Order)
‏44.00 $ - ‏52.00 $/יחידה
2 יחידות(Min. Order)
‏95.00 $ - ‏120.00 $/יחידה
2 יחידות(Min. Order)
‏53.00 $ - ‏63.00 $/יחידה
2 יחידות(Min. Order)

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